ticket-vouchertiket baucer/ 优惠券/قسائم و تذاكر

gift vouchers/ ticket compliments/ promotion voucher/ coupon/ koupon/ promosi baucer/ 折扣券/ 代金券/ 礼券

  • urgent job as fast as 2weekdays completion (t&c)
  • serial number, perforation, staple bind, pad bind, hot stamp, emboss & etc to cater various needs

"What attracts consumers most other than vouchers? Funny to say, but attractive looking vouchers do the trick. Believe it or not,consumers define the worth of vouchers based on its external look before looking at its content. How can one resists Cetak's designing works on vouchers and tickets that are meant to be vibrant and new-aged? When our young and hipster-ish designing geeks who repel anything ofmainstreams aim to bring you designs that not only matches every individuals' designing cravings, but also this new era where buoyant andvibrant designs speaks for themselves.

With services of perforation and hand-folding, Cetak's attractive and magnetic-looking tickets and vouchers will leave yourpotential customers wanting more. So put on your leather jackets and get ready for waves of targeted customers asking for more deals."