lightbox-signpapan tanda bercahaya/ 灯箱招牌/ لافتة متجر مضيئة

papan iklan berlampu/ 发光招牌/ 横幅/ 看板/ 告示牌/ 广告牌

material: 720dpi uv inkjet print sticker with polycarbonate + light box

add - on: light box/ illuminated sign/ papan ilkan berlampu
* 2nd floor and above + RM500 skylift
( ground floor, 1st floor no need skylift )

4feet(h) x 12feet(w), 5feet(h) x 12feet(w), 6feet(h) x 12feet(w)
4feet(h) x 13feet(w), 5feet(h) x 13feet(w), 6feet(h) x 13feet(w)
4feet(h) x 14feet(w), 5feet(h) x 14feet(w), 6feet(h) x 14feet(w)
4feet(h) x 15feet(w), 5feet(h) x 15feet(w), 6feet(h) x 15feet(w)
4feet(h) x 16feet(w), 5feet(h) x 16feet(w), 6feet(h) x 16feet(w)
4feet(h) x 17feet(w), 5feet(h) x 17feet(w), 6feet(h) x 17feet(w)
4feet(h) x 18feet(w), 5feet(h) x 18feet(w), 6feet(h) x 18feet(w)
4feet(h) x 19feet(w), 5feet(h) x 19feet(w), 6feet(h) x 19feet(w)
4feet(h) x 20feet(w), 5feet(h) x 20feet(w), 6feet(h) x 20feet(w)

2feet(h) x 4feet(w)
3feet(h) x 6feet(w)
3feet(h) x 7feet(w)

printing side: 1side

printing color: full color (4color CMYK)

file format: .pdf / .ai / .psd
.jpg / .jpeg / .png / .tiff
.doc / .ppt / .xls / .pub

process day: 6-7 weekdays excluded public holiday
* must submit artwork(s) and full payment before 3:00 p.m.
* for international order, Malaysia time zone is UTC +8:00

cut-off time: every weekday before 3:00 p.m.