brochurebrosur/ 折叠传单/ منشور مطوي

flyer/ flier/ brochure/ poster/ leaflet/ handbill/ sheet/ loose sheet/ marketing sheet/ pamphlet /prospectus/ book/ risalah

  • high printout quality with latest machines
  • heidelberg speedmaster, mitsubishi diamond & etc
  • high speed! machines non-stopping 24hours7days

materials: simili paper 80gsm
simili paper 100gsm
glossy art paper 105gsm
glossy art paper 128gsm
glossy art paper 157gsm
glossy art card 260gsm
ivory card 230gsm

size: dl (98mm x 210mm)
a6 (105mm x 148.5mm)
a5 (148.5mm x 210mm)
a4 (210mm x 297mm)
a3 (297mm x 420mm)

printing side: 1side

quantity: digital press (normal quality):
10pcs, 20pcs, 30pcs, 40pcs, 50pcs, 60pcs, 70pcs, 80pcs, 90pcs,100pcs
110pcs,120pcs,130pcs,140pcs,150pcs,160pcs,170pcs,180pcs,190pcs, 200pcs
210pcs, 220pcs, 230pcs, 240pcs, 250pcs, 260pcs, 270pcs, 280pcs, 290pcs, 300pcs

lithographic press ( better quality):
500pcs, 1000pcs, 2000pcs, 3000pcs, 4000pcs, 5000pcs, 6000pcs, 7000pcs, 8000pcs
9000pcs, 10000pcs, 15000pcs, 20000pcs, 25000pcs, 30000pcs, 35000pcs, 40000pcs
45000pcs, 50000pcs, 60000pcs, 80000pcs, 90000pcs, 100000pcs

printing color: full color (4color CMYK)
*dynamic color available by request: 5colors, 8colors, spot colours, panthone colors

file format: .pdf / .ai / .psd
.jpg / .jpeg / .png / .tiff
.doc / .ppt / .xls / .pub

process day: 2 weekdays excluded public holiday
3 weekdays excluded public holiday
4-5 weekdays excluded public holiday
6-7 weekdays excluded public holiday
* must submit artwork(s) and full payment before 3:00 p.m.

cut-off time: every weekday before 3:00 p.m.